DI Rosemary Leach had no idea of the nightmare that would unfold after the arrest of Colin Stevens. An arrest that would embroil her and her sergeant, Jenny Preston, of the dangerous world of the local traveller’s site. It was an arrest that would lead to one of the darkest of secrets.

Rose refuses to give up, even when the investigation is taken away from her, especially when she’s determined to expose the guilty – regardless of who they are. And they’ll do anything to silence her.

Rose’s nightmare escalates when the mutilated body of a young woman is discovered at the local council depot. A woman who’s a long way from home. A woman whose death is just the beginning.

But what’s the reason behind the murders? What had they done to die in such a horrific way? And why here: why Denebank?

Rose, too, has secrets of her own. One she would love to reveal; and one she hopes will stay buried – forever.



OMG! I was totally transfixed with this book! This had me not wanting to put it down and the climax was totally out of left field, didn't see it coming! Will definitely read this authors other book and can't wait for more to come out!

                                                                                         Mrs S Cranswick

 Fantastic storyline, brilliantly written and great plot twist!

​                                                                                                            Jamie 

       Unrelenting suspense, unexpected plot twists and surprises, deftly crafted characters -- these are the hallmarks of David John's 'Nameless'. Exceptionally well written and thoroughly entertaining, 'Nameless' documents David John as a novelist rich in imagination and endowed with impressive storytelling skills. 'Nameless' is very highly recommended!

                                                                                         Midwest Book  Review

Every secret eventually reaches the surface.
No matter how old and no matter how deep it may be buried...

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