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          In a small north eastern corner of Corfu lies the beautiful little bay of Kalami. Steep olive and cypress wooded slopes sweep down to meet the blue Ionian sea and Grecian style villas, resplendent in bougainvillea and plumbago, mingle between the trees. Old and new fuse together in what was once a fishing village but is now a haven for those seeking tranquillity and solace. Fishing boats and yachts anchor in its bay while the well-heeled and the once-a-year traveller find common ground amid its charm and serenity. Unlikely friendships are bonded over carafes of retsina and Greek hospitality among the three tavernas hugging the small beach. Laughter and amity are the order of the day here. After just a short time you're not just staying in Kalami, you become part of it. Its beauty, its charm, its quietude seeps into your being, bringing you back time after time. 

          Our visits to Kalami have exposed us to a richness of life, to a people that have little but give a lot. We have met many characters on our sojourns; some unusual, some eccentric, some embarrassing, all enlightening. We have witnessed many amusing events through our stays from an inebriated ranting Scotsman to a wayward donkey, from an over amorous dog to suicidal coach drivers. And, as much as we want to keep Kalami to ourselves, we also want others to experience the scenarios and odd-balls that we have. And yes, there is an explanation for the title. 

          What started off as a chance recommendation from a friend has now turned into a love affair, one which we cannot envisage ever ending for Kalami is part of us and we of it.


          Having been to Kalami ourselves in 2006, this book described this little piece of paradise exactly......A wonderful read with amusing anecdotes, and superbly written. If you can't visit this wonderful place, buy this book and you are there!

​                                                                                                          Kagey

​          I have just finished reading this excellent little boo,k it was very very good.....Thank you so much for sharing your memories with us .

​                                                                                                 Nanabarbar          

          This is a must have read for anyone that is visiting Kalami and the surrounding areas.....i started to read it and couldn't put it down......please please buy this book, it really is money well spent!

​                                                                                                    Samdaisy