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          David was born in London but spent his formative years in Harlow, Essex. He is a proud father to Jamie and Kris and three beautiful grandchildren Lillie, Thomas & Maisie. He now lives in Hertfordshire with his second wife, Julie, who he regards as his inspiration and best friend.

          David considers himself a latecomer in the literary field, not having started writing seriously until into his fifties. With no formal training and without any interest whatsoever in English at school, an institution that saw him leave at the age of sixteen with not one qualification to his name, his first novice attempt was back in the early 90's when he put to paper his recent solo undertaking of the Pennine Way, Britain's most arduous long distance path along the backbone of England. "Those were the days," he recalled, "When manuscripts were posted off with a hope and a prayer and much finger crossing". Unfortunately it was rejected by the one and only publisher he sent it to and so was resigned to the back of his draw as something, in his own words, "To bore my grandchildren with in later years!"


          It wasn't until 2010 that, spurred on by an article his wife read while on holiday about self-publishing, his foray into the world of writing reared its head again. This time it was a collection of memoirs and anecdotes about their halcyon times spent in Kalami, a small paradisical bay in north eastern Corfu, the success of which whetted his appetite to attempt something more serious.           

It was some two years later before David's incursion into the world of crime thrillers was born, gleaning immediate critical acclaim from both the Europe and the US and his future as a writer assured.