Really enjoyed this book, the writer took me on the journey with him, that's how it should be! I've read quite a few different 'Pennine Way' accounts and this is one of the better ones.

​                                                                                   Sandrigal

      This was a book I got on a whim. But, I'll have to say that this was a greatly enjoyable read even if you're not a walker or rambler. Some funny stuff in there as well. A lot you can relate to if you walk.

​                                                                                 Amazon customer

      Well written account of a of what it's like to walk the Pennine Way. This has re-awoken my thoughts on tackling this walk.

​                                                                               Nigel Walmsley

          There have been many authoritative books written on the Pennine Way but hardly any that put into detail the hardships and the humour endured along Britain's toughest long distance walk. This book hopes to redress this imbalance towards the plethora of guide books written by hardened fell walkers extolling the walk in all its glory. Mine is a story of a complete novice who, after many aborted attempts at finding a walking partner, decided to give it a go on my own. I was overweight, unfit, under-prepared and over-kitted but determined, after one dismal failure, to beat it and my demons. This is a tale of beating the odds, the walk - and myself.

          There was a lot of pain along the way but plenty of laughs as well. So come and join this intrepid but amateur backpacker as he muddles through 270 miles of the backbone of England.

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